A U.S. Air Force C130 Hercules transport plane burst into flames and crashed in east-central Turkey yesterday. The U.S. Embassy said all 27 men on board were killed.

The cause of the crash, 200 miles east of Ankara, was not immediately known.

The Turkish news agency UBA said villagers in the area of the town of Kizildag saw the plane burst into flames before crashing. It said the witnesses saw a man jump out of the plane, but his parachute failed to open and the person plummeted to the ground.

A Turkish military spokesman said Turkish rescue teams had been sent to the crash site. All the victims were believed to be military personnel, he reported.

U.S. officials at first said 28 persons were aboard the plane, including civilian Pentagon employes. But later, an American military spokesman at the NATO airbase at Incirlik in southern Turkey said 10 crew members and 17 passengers were aboard the plane. He made no specific mention of civilians.

He said the plane was on a routine supply run to military personnel based in eastern Turkey.

The plane was on duty in Europe from its home base at Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene, Tex. It was attached to the 463rd Tactical Airlift Wing at Dyess.