From an address by AFL-CIO president Lane Kirkland:

Solidarity exists. Jaruzelski has found no quisling in its ranks. His problems mount and are further compounded by the economic failure of the entire Soviet empire, which is today sustained by Western credits. The game is not over, and our potential leverage over the outcome is great, if we can but find the will.

What is to be done?

We should begin by following the advice of a group of Solidarity activists as set forth in an appeal to the West shortly after the coup of Dec. 13, 1981:

"Do not believe in the good sense of your bankers. They were sufficiently naive to place $27 billion of your money into the hands of a corrupted and incompetent regime."

Our president, unfortunately, remains enamored of the good sense of our bankers. He does nothing because further sanctions are opposed by the banking and commercial interests who dominate his party. . . .

Some say that sanctions would sacrifice "d,etente." Yet the most cogent argument for d,etente was that expanded commercial relations with and financial concessions to the Soviet Bloc would give the West the strings with which to restrain Soviet lawlessness. . . . It is time we saw the backside of d,etente.

If we are not prepared to do that, then it is we who have become ensnared and the East that has us in its net. If it be said that termination of trade and credits would be expensive to Western interests, then all the more reason to do it now, before the cost surpasses tolerance.