The Polish Army's newspaper yesterday launched a new attack on Solidarity, accusing it of helping to bring about the "collapse of the economy."

Communist Party leaders also attacked the suspended union movement during a meeting on economic issues. Radio Warsaw said that the leaders were told Solidarity activists committed 220 acts of factory sabotage, bombings and subversion since martial law was declared Dec. 13 and that union radicals were compiling "black lists of honest workers."

The lengthy commentary in the Army newspaper Zolnierz Wolnosci criticized the union's rank and file for the first time since martial law was imposed. Previous attacks have been directed at union leaders.

"When raising the issue of the responsibility of the party as a whole , one might also pose a question like what had Solidarity members been doing and why hadn't they opposed the destructive activities of the union leadership?" the paper said.

"It is certain that one cannot blame the whole party while blaming only certain leaders and advisers of Solidarity," the paper said.

Observers said the commentary added weight to speculation that the authorities have no plans to revive the independent union.

Meanwhile, party leaders at Warsaw University appealed for calm as clandestine leaflets appeared calling for strikes to protest the dismissal of the school's popular rector, Henryk Samsonowicz.