Rep. Robert K. Dornan (R-Calif.) was in high dudgeon at a Capitol Hill news conference last week, accusing the Barry Goldwaters, Sr. and Jr., of betraying the conservative cause. His rhetoric soared, well beyond the range of his facts.

Dornan, saying that he was speaking with White House encouragement, said the senior Goldwater had "kicked the conservative cause in the ass one time too often" through his desire to be loved and gain attention. Dornan also accused Goldwater of sinning by signing a fund-raising letter for Planned Parenthood. The senator said he had neither signed nor seen the letter, which Planned Parenthood said had been drafted by a member of its staff but never sent to Goldwater for approval.

Dornan's complaint against Barry Jr. was that the California congressman had attended a political fund-raising dinner sponsored by an organization of Los Angeles homosexuals, where Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) was featured speaker and California Gov. Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr. and Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley were prominent Democratic guests.

Dornan said he was so shocked that if Goldwater won the June 8 Senate primary, where polls show him leading and Dornan trailing in fourth or fifth place, he could not support Barry Jr. But not to worry. Goldwater wasn't there, it turns out, even though the Los Angeles Times said he was and someone told Dornan that Goldwater had been introduced during the evening. Planned Parenthood and the homosexuals are recovering from losing the Goldwater sponsorship. Whether Dornan's campaign will recover remains to be seen.