Blacks and other minorities will benefit far less than whites from President Reagan's tax cuts and suffer far more from his budget cuts, researchers convened by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights charged yesterday.

According to one paper, the average white household will get $1,019 in tax cuts in 1983 and $1,369 in 1984 as a result of all the Reagan tax reductions for individuals approved by Congress, but the average black household will get only $542 in 1983 and $632 in 1984.

Another estimated that two-thirds of all those affected by the major changes in the welfare program proposed by Reagan and enacted last year will be minority women.

Other papers said cuts in housing and higher education funds by Reagan will hurt blacks and other minorities more severely than whites, and American Indians will suffer heavily too.

Gary Orfield, professor of political science at the University of Illinois and guest scholar at the Brookings Institution, said the reason Reagan's policies would have disproportionately "strong and sharply negative consequences for minority families" is that the Reagan tax policies help the rich most, while his budget cuts hurt the poor most. Minorities, who have very high proportions of poor people, lose out in both cases, he said.

Census Bureau figures for 1980 show that 10.2 percent of the white population was below the poverty line, but the comparable figure for blacks was 32.5 percent and for Hispanics, 26 percent. The papers presented yesterday said that 43 percent of the welfare population is black, and about one-quarter of all black renters receive federal low-income housing aid compared to only a twelfth of whites. Therefore, big cuts in welfare and low-income housing would have a disproportionate impact.

Two papers on education said that because 49 percent of the beneficiaries of the compensatory education program for the educationally disadvantaged are members of minority groups, and high percentages of minority students participate in other secondary and college-level programs, huge slashes in these will hurt them the most.