A five-day sit-in by students protesting a proposed tuition increase at the Antioch School of Law ended yesterday after an anonymous person donated $20,000 to the school.

Dean Ronald F. Pollack said the money would be used to help the "lowest of the low-income students." Tuition is being raised from $5,070 to $5,750--still the least expensive of the area law schools.

About a dozen students took over Pollack's office on Monday in an attempt to put pressure on the administration to freeze the tutition and hire more minority instructors. The takeover was staged on the same day the American Bar Association accreditation committee visited the school.

"The ABA meeting went on unimpaired," Pollack said. "The accreditation committee was not in any way fazed by the take over."

Negotiations with the students were going slowly until Pollack received notice of the donation. Pollack said the money came from someone who was sympathetic with the students and the mission of the school, which is to produce public service lawyers.

The school, at 1624 Crescent Pl. NW, has about 450 students, 38 percent of whom are black. About 19 percent of the faculty is black.

"We have a predominately white, predominately male faculty and we feel it's not in the best interests of our clients and our students, both of whom are predominately black," said James Yancey, a first-year student at the school.

Pollack said that after discussing the issues with the students, "everyone agreed that we were doing better than any other school in terms of affirmative action and tuition, but that being the best wasn't good enough.