Here are the gifts received by President Reagan and Mrs. Reagan, along with their value and givers as listed in the financial disclosure statement released Friday by the White House:

Crystal bowl; $165; Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Adams, Valley Center, Calif.

One pair of shoes; $150; Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corp., John J. Stollenwerk, president, Belgium, Wis.

Two pairs of boots; $600; American Footwear Industry Association, Rex C. Cauble, Dallas.

Waterford crystal wine cooler; $1,900; American-Irish Historical Society, James Schoff, New York.

Two sheepskin rugs; $180-300; Tibor Banfy, Auckland, New Zealand.

Porcelain sculpture, "American Bald Eagle," Boehm; $1,200; James Barrett & United Service Organization (USO), Washington.

Porcelain sculpture, "Baby Wood Thrush," Boehm; $220; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin C. Bertel Jr., Metairie, La.

Cameo; $400-500; Guy L. Beury, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Two coats, fiber-filled and quilted; $250; Bill Blass, New York.

Three cotton housecoats; $114; Betsy Bloomingdale, Los Angeles.

Porcelain sculpture, "Nancy Reagan Camellia," Boehm; $650; Helen Boehm, Trenton, N.J.

Silver belt buckle; $500; Robert Boyd, Reno, Nev.

Two handcrafted belt buckles and bola ties; indeterminable; John Bennett Coleman, Washington.

One pair of Chinese export porcelain plates, circa 1800; $1,500; Ted Cummings, Beverly Hills, Calif.

One album of photographs of Rancho del Cielo, by donor; indeterminable; Alfred Eisenstaedt, New York.

Brass clock, $2,650, and earrings, $1,500; Marjorie Everett, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Evening jacket; $250; Fendi, New York.

Picture frame, with personal inscription and date; $250; First Lady's staff, East Wing, White House.

Two handcrafted duck decoys; indeterminable; Carl and Shirley Frahm, Monrovia, Calif.

Silver Christmas box containing a holiday scene; $1,000; Robert S. Fryer, New York.

Two belt buckles handcrafted with the intitials "RR" and "NR"; $2,000; Wilford Fultz, Southlake, Tex.

Coat and two-piece dress; $2,000; James Galanos, Los Angeles.

Music box; $125; Robert Gray, Washington.

Swiss enamel picture frame; $125; Prentis Cobb Hale, San Francisco.

Chinese export porcelain teapot, circa 1800; $200; David Jones, Los Angeles.

Sweater; $150; Earle Jorgenson, Los Angeles.

Leather handcrafted belt with engraved silver buckle; indeterminable; Mr. and Mrs. Don King, Sheridan, Wyo.

One pair of calfskin boots with presidential seal; $300; Tony Lama Jr., El Paso, Tex.

Assortment of sportswear; $199; Danny Lawler, New York.

Sportscoat and slacks; $500; Marman of San Francisco, Bob Edwards, general manager, San Francisco.

Necklace with crystal acorn pendant; $975; Nancy Mehta, New York.

11 candles in glass containers, Rigaud; $378; Gerald Miller, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Western-style hat; $150-$200; Gus Miller, Cincinnati.

Seed pearl bracelet; $900; Virginia Milner, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Two handcrafted bronze sculptures of western scenes, by George Montgomery; indeterminable; George Montgomery, Beverly Hills, Calif.

One horse blanket, hood and leg wraps; $275; Rosemary Morton and Gwen Siegman, Apple Valley, Calif.

Chinese export style porcelain dinner service; $2,963; Mildred Mottahedeh, New York.

Chinese export style porcelain teabowl and saucer, circa 1800; $250; David Orgell, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Hunting knife handcrafted by the donor; indeterminable; Ron Pritchard, Dixon, Ill.

Porcelain sculpture, "American Eagle" by Boehm, $2,500, and glass sculpture of elephant, $225; Henry Salvatori, Los Angeles.

Two silver picture frames with inscriptions; $400; Frank Sinatra, Beverly Hills.

Oil painting by A. Bauchant; $1,500; Ray Stark, Los Angeles.

Leather photo album; $100; Thomas Trainer, Beverly Hills.

Picture frame with presidential seal and monogram; $300; unknown.

Two oil paintings of seaside, by Van Sweringen; $750; Ron Van Sweringen, c/o William Donohue, proprieter, Antiques of Georgetown, Washington.

Silver picture frame with inscription; $225; Sonny Werblin, New York.

Two sweaters; $220; William Wilson, Los Angeles.

Green enamel picture frame; $125; Bill Winans, Beverly Hills, Calif.

The White House listed the following as "clothing and accessories made available for use and thereafter returned to owners/designers or donated by owners/designers to museum" and noted that the practice did not constitute a "gift" within the Ethics in Government Act. The listing, the disclosure said, was for informational purposes.

Adolfo: four evening dresses; two pantsuits and one daytime suit.

David Haynes: two daytime dresses.

Bill Blass: two daytime dresses, one daytime suit, two evening dresses.

Galanos: One evening outfit, one evening dress (designated by owner for donation to museum).

Jean Louis: one evening dress.

Bulgari: Jewelry (assorted).

Harry Winston: One pair of earrings, one necklace (both items, the listing noted, are to be returned).