With three people behind bars, police searched for five to seven others thought to be involved in a weekend terror spree by a gang at a diner and a family party on Long Island.

The gang raped a woman, shot and wounded two men and stole about $100,000 in cash and jewelry from about 100 people, police said.

The three men jailed without bail by Criminal Court Judge Harold B. Mayer were accused of robbery, assault, weapon possession and car theft, charges that grew out of a robbery in Brooklyn on Friday and a shootout there in which they were captured Saturday.

The men were captured when police here stopped a car whose license plate matched a number given by a witness to one of the Long Island robberies, police said. Large amounts of cash and jewelry were recovered.

The gang unleashed its terror just after midnight Saturday at a family party in the home of Thomas and Janet Reilly in Plainview, police said.

Five gunmen forced a score of guests to strip and lie on the floor. Several women were sexually abused, one man was beaten and the robbers escaped with cash and jewels.

Forty-five minutes later, the gang hit the Sea Crest Diner in Old Westbury, five miles from the Reilly home, police said.

About 75 customers and employes were made to disrobe and some couples were forced to have sex while their captors looked on laughing, police said. One of the gang dragged a 23-year-old woman into a back room, where she was raped while several customers watched at gunpoint, police said.

Two customers where shot in the buttocks when they were slow in complying with the robbers' demands, police said.