The Soviet Union and nine allies will hold a summit meeting in the near future to discuss greater integration of their economies, it was disclosed here tonight.

The reference to a "forthcoming meeting at the highest level" by member states of Comecon, the Soviet Bloc common market, was contained in a joint communique issued at the end of a visit to Moscow by President Gustav Husak of Czechoslovakia.

While no date was mentioned, East European sources said the summit was expected to come after a scheduled meeting in Budapest next week of Soviet Bloc premiers and top economic officials.

In addition to the Soviet Union, the other members of Comecon are East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Cuba, Vietnam and Mongolia.

The last summit session was held here Dec. 18, when Warsaw Pact leaders gathered for President Leonid Brezhnev's 75th birthday. But the occasion was overshadowed by developments in Poland that were believed to have dominated all discussions. Polish leader Wojciech Jaruzelski, who had imposed martial law on his nation five days earlier, did not attend.

The Polish crisis also is believed to have delayed the convening of a Comecon economic summit that was publicly proposed by Brezhnev more than a year ago. Soviet specialists taking part in the preparation of the summit have said that they were trying to find ways to develop a European Community-style system to allow freer flow of labor and capital and coordinate price and management policies.

Tonight's communique also charged that the United States was using arms limitation talks in Geneva beginning June 29 to camouflage plans to deploy new missiles in Western Europe. But the statement said the East still favored negotiating reductions in strategic nuclear weapons as well as medium-range weapons.