You want voter turnout? I'll give you voter turnout, says Ed Shaw, a California producer ("Hooray for Hollywood") and actor ("Ozzie and Harriet"). He's raised $5 million for prizes to voters who can enter his lottery simply by voting in Tuesday's California primary.

Entrants must send in the ballot stub with name, address and phone number on the back. Hundreds from absentee ballot voters are already in.

Among the prizes: a lunch date with Linda Evans, star of the television series "Dynasty," a trip to Las Vegas, a lifetime supply of french fries, a pair of socks, dinner in Waikiki with James MacArthur of "Hawaii Five-0," vitamins, a role in a movie, protein powder, memberships in a health club.

Drawing for the prizes will be at El Camino High School on June 21. There are so many that Shaw thinks every one of California's expected 4 1/2 million voters will get one. The lottery has been ruled legal because it doesn't influence anyone's vote.

Shaw was hired by Mario Obledo, a Democratic gubernatorial candidate who wanted to motivate Hispanics to turn out. The success has Shaw thinking big, of going national. "If I can raise $5 million in California, I'm confident I can raise $100 million for a national election," he says.