The five men and seven women jurors weighing the case of John W. Hinckley Jr. come from a variety of Washington's low-and-middle-income communities. There are 11 blacks and one white. They range in age from 22 to 64.

They are blue-collar, clerical and semi-professional workers. Two are retired. Four of the 12 work for government agencies. Six are employed in private industry. According to a general description released by the court, their occupations include research assistant, cafeteria worker, doctor's secretary, garage attendant, mechanic, banquet worker, custodian, supply specialist and information specialist.

Their names were released yesterday by Judge Barrington D. Parker, in response to a request from lawyers for The New York Times.

Foreman of the jury is Roy Jackson, 64, the oldest juror, described by neighbors as a retired janitor. Neighbors said Jackson is a sociable man who "holds a level head." As jury foreman, he will have the job of directing the deliberations, moderating disputes that are likely to arise among the jurors and, finally, announcing to the court the jury's findings.

Lawrence H. Coffey, 22, the youngest juror, works nights as a banquet assistant for the Hyatt Regency Hotels in Northern Virginia. He lives with his mother and three younger brothers in Southeast Washington. He is a 1980 graduate of Ballou High School. Coffey is quiet, "stays to himself," said his mother, Ella. "It was something he didn't really want to do," she said of his service on the jury, "but I told him it would be a learning experience."

Virginia N. Smith, 61, is a retired government worker, a neighbor said. "She's a nice lady, honest and very friendly," the neighbor said.

Maryland T. Copelin, 50, is a cafeteria worker at an elementary school in Northeast Washington, according to her husband. She has four children and lives with her husband, a retired landscaper, in their house in Southeast.

Evelyn D. Washington, 27, is a graduate of Howard University and, according to her husband, works as a clerical assistant to a physician in one of the city's hospitals. Recently married, she lives in Northeast Washington. Her husband described her as "strong-willed" and "analytical."

Woodrow Johnson, 48, is a truck driver, according to a neighbor.

Belinda A. Drake, 23, of Northeast Washington, was described by a neighbor as a McKinley High School graduate. Drake's family declined to be interviewed.

George Blyther is 38.

Dianne M. Ham is 33. Her family could not be reached for comment.

Glynis T. Lassiter is 42.

Merryanna L. Swartz, 31, works as a research assistant at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and has previous work experience at facilities for disturbed adolescents in Wisconsin and in the Washington area.

Nathalia L. Brown is 30.