Religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini said that the announced withdrawal of Iraqi troops from Iran fulfills only one of Iran's conditions for ending the war between the two countries.

"As long as the others are not fulfilled, we will continue the war," the ayatollah told a group of religious leaders on the eve of the Moslem holy month of Ramadan.

Khomeini referred to two of those conditions in his address, broadcast over official radio here: the identification and punishment of the aggressor and the payment of damages to Iran for the "immeasurable damage" caused by the war. The sum of $150 billion has been mentioned by other sources.

"If you do not compensate us, we will compensate ourselves by force," the ayatollah said.

Khomeini did not mention two conditions set by other Iranian leaders for the reestablishment of peace with Iraq: the return of all refugees and free transit of Iranian troops through Iraq to fight the "Zionist enemy" in Lebanon.

Khomeini called Israel's invasion of Lebanon "the result of an American plot whose purpose is to distract the Iranian people from the war at home."

If Tehran wins the war, he said, "Iraq will join Iran, for the oppressed Iraqi people will join the Iranian people in installing an Islamic state, in accordance with its wishes. If our two nations unite, the smaller natons of the regions will then join us."

Meanwhile, Iranian forces launched an artillery bombardment of the Iraqi town of Basra, causing damage, according to a military communique carried by the Iraqi news agency monitored in Paris.

The communique said "the Iranian enemy" continued its attacks on Iraqi forces, which it said were abiding by Baghdad's decision earlier to cease all hostilities against Iran and by Sunday's announcement that Iraqi troops would withdraw from captured Iranian territory.

The Iraqis said they killed five Iranian soldiers in an exchange of fire and lost five of their own men.