Here is the statement issued yesterday by John W. Hinckley Jr.'s parents, JoAnn and John W. Hinckley Sr.:

"Obviously we are very pleased by the verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity for our troubled son, John, whom we love very much. We are so thankful that we live in a country where the right to a fair and orderly trial still exists.

We wish to express our deep respect and gratitude to the members of the jury who worked long and diligently at their difficult task. After listening intently to many weeks of testimony, the jury responsibly considered the evidence. It then arrived at the correct decision of not guilty by reason of insanity. We firmly believe that John's longstanding mental disorders were the cause of the tragic events of last year and that he could not have committed such acts unless he were terribly ill.

John will now be confined at St. Elizabeths Hospital for the mentally ill where he can receive proper therapy. We will make no efforts whatsoever to have him released until he has recovered to the point that he is judged to be harmless and responsible.

We are greatly relieved that the trial is finally over. Our prayers and sincere concern continue for the victims and their families. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the many kind people who have helped, encouraged and supported us. Most of all, we praise our Loving God who sustained us throughout this entire ordeal and answered our prayers so faithfully."