The Air Force Electronic Systems Division has awarded a $32 million contract through the Small Business Administration to Sonicraft Inc. of Chicago to design and develop equipment to send accurate printed messages swiftly to nuclear forces. If testing is successful, Sonicraft will receive a $203 million production contract, which would be the largest total system program contract awarded a minority firm by the government.

At the other end of the scale, Creative Plantings of Rockville has won a $20,547 six-month contract to water plants in public areas of 13 federal buildings in the metropolitan area, including the Central Intelligence Agency's McLean digs and the Agriculture Department complex on the Mall. Last year, the General Services Administration paid $72,337 to maintain the same plants, including salaries for federal employes.

The House has voted to double to $7 million the annual federal reimbursement to New York City for costs of protecting the 32,000 foreign diplomatic personnel stationed there, most at the United Nations. Supporters of the bill said it was much less expensive for New York to do the work than to assign federal personnel. Just last week more than 1,600 protesters were arrested when they tried to block entrances to several U.N. missions.

The GSA has sold to Wyman-Gordon Co. an Air Force-built forging plant in Grafton, Mass. The sale, for $34.5 million, was part of the Defense Department's continuing policy of divesting the government of ownership of manufacturing facilities. Wyman-Gordon has operated the plant since it was constructed in the late 1940s.