TWO ITEMS from the Friday paper: First, on the front page, Post correspondent Jonathan Randal reported from Beirut: "The Palestine Liberation Organization has prevented food supplies stored in a United Nations warehouse here from reaching refugees in besieged West Beirut and southern Lebanon for the past 10 days, U.N. officials charged today. PLO officials, who in the past have bitterly condemned Israeli forces for periodic blockades of food and water to West Beirut, confirmed reports that they were preventing the U.N. Relief and Works Agency from removing food from its West Beirut warehouse."

Second, from a story about the U.N. Security Council's deliberations on the Lebanese crisis: "The council interrupted the debate over the (French- Egyptian) resolution to pass by 14 to 0 another statement, proposed by Spain, demanding that Israel immediately lift its blockade of Beirut to permit the distribution of emergency supplies. U.S. Ambassador Jeane J. Kirkpatrick opposed the draft on the ground that it was a 'one-sided appeal in a two-sided conflict' that smacked of 'political motives.'"

Is there anyone left who wonders why responsible people, and not just Israelis, find it hard to accept the United Nations as a serious and workable instrument for dealing with the Arab-Israeli dispute?