Speaking of Illinois, a lot of politicians are looking past this fall's election to bigger contests ahead.

Former governor Richard B. Ogilvie (R) is telling reporters he may take on Sen. Charles H. Percy (R-Ill.) in the 1984 Illinois senatorial primary. Cook County State's Attorney Richard M. Daley (D) has announced an Aug. 31 fund-raiser, presumably as a start to his expected challenge next spring to the reelection of Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne (D).

Other Democrats keeping their options open on that race by public hints are Reps. Dan Rostenkowski and Harold Washington, representing the big Polish and black Democratic constituencies.

Old Mavericks Never Die: Michigan's quiet gubernatorial primary campaign was enlivened last week by the intervention of ex-governor George Romney (R), who has been relatively quiet since the days of his own 1968 presidential campaign and his subsequent service in the Nixon Cabinet.

Last week, Romney went out stumping for Richard Headlee, one of the candidates for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. In Romney fashion, he took a few swipes at the front-runner, Lt. Gov. Jim Brickley (R), saying he had spent too much of his life in public office and Michigan needs a businessman like Headlee (or Romney). Brickley is backed by retiring Gov. William G. Milliken (R), Romney's hand-picked successor as governor 13 years ago.