Following is a partial text of the nuclear freeze resolution the administration opposed in the House yesterday.

Now . . . be it resolved . . . . That the United States and the Soviet Union should immediately begin the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) and those talks should have the following objectives:

1) Pursuing a complete halt to the nuclear arms race.

2) Deciding when and how to achieve a mutual verifiable freeze on the testing, production and further deployment of nuclear warheads, missiles and other delivery systems, not as an end in and of itself but as a logical first step toward achieving nuclear arms reductions.

3) Giving special attention to destabilizing weapons whose deployment would make such a freeze more difficult to achieve.

4) Proceeding from this mutual and verifiable freeze pursuing substantial, equitable and verifiable reductions through numerical ceilings, annual percentages or any other equally effective and verifiable means of strengthening strategic stability.

5) Preserving present limitations and controls on current nuclear weapons and nuclear delivery systems.

6) Incorporating ongoing negotiations in Geneva on land-based intermediate-range nuclear missiles into the START negotiations.

In those negotiations, the United States shall make every effort to reach a common position with our North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies on any element of an agreement which would be inconsistent with the existing United States commitments to those allies . . . .

. . . The United States shall continue to adhere to the SALT II agreement so long as the Soviet Union adheres to that agreement and so long as it is in the national security interest of the United States to continue to adhere to that agreement.