A 40-year-old Northeast man, sought by District of Columbia Police for two years in connection with the hatchet slaying of a District of Columbia man, was arrested by FBI agents yesterday in Atlantic City, N.J.

An FBI official said that agents located Israel Hubert Fresner after he had been arrested by Vineland, N.J., police on an assault charge. An analysis of his fingerprints revealed that he was wanted as a fugitive by the Metropolitan Police Department, who had him on their 10 most wanted list.

Fresner, whose last address was in the 1700 block of Irving Street NE, was wanted in connection with the July 31, 1980, slaying of Maurice Winslow, 33, of 1758 Seaton Pl. NE.

Winslow's body was found lying in a parking lot in the 2500 block of 14th St. NE at about 2:30 a.m. He had suffered hatchet wounds to the back of the head and face, and also had been kicked and stoned, police said.

According to police, witnesses said that Winslow was arguing with two women and slapped one of them, when a man who apparently knew one or both of the women went to a nearby car, got a hatchet out of the trunk and struck Winslow in the head several times. Winslow fell to the ground and the three repeatedly struck him, then fled in a car, police said.

An FBI spokesman said that Fresner is being held in Atlantic City on charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. D.C. police said that they would seek extradition within a few days.

The FBI arrest is the second in two days of a fugitive wanted by metropolitan police. On Wednesday, agents arrested McCajah Harris, 24, in Palm Springs, Calif., and charged him with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in connection with the slaying of a Northeast woman in 1979.