Four suburban Boston policemen were indicted for murder yesterday, and a Chicago-area grand jury charged a suburban police chief and seven officers with insurance fraud.

In Los Angeles, three more police officers were ordered arrested in a sex and burglary scandal, and five deputy sheriffs were removed from duty because they failed to answer questions about a teen-ager who died during a fight with law enforcement officers at a softball game.

The Boston grand jury charged four Everett, Mass., police officers with first-degree murder in an alleged rampage July 23 at a dingy surburban motel that left one man dead and eight seriously injured. Four policemen from neighboring Chelsea were charged with lesser crimes.

The victims claimed that a group of on-duty officers, wielding bats, tire irons and ax handles, broke into the motel, chased after-hours patrons into a room, then burst in, spraying Mace and attacking those inside.

In the Chicago area, a grand jury indicted 17 persons, including Stone Park Police Chief Harry Testa, seven officers and nine civilians, in a $180,000 scam involving police reports and insurance claims for nonexistent accidents, prosecutors said.

Los Angeles police issued warrants for three Hollywood Division officers, raising to seven the number of policemen who have faced criminal charges in a sex and burglary scandal.

The Hollywood scandal involves thousands of dollars in merchandise, some taken by officers investigating burglaries and some stolen in set-up thefts, and allegations that on-duty officers had sex with prostitutes and Explorer Scouts.

The softball dispute arose over errant fly balls hit by local youths from a field adjacent to one where the Los Angeles County sheriffs' team was playing another police team. In a scuffle between deputies and youths, an 18-year-old died after being wrestled to the ground.