To the sound of a live band playing traditional Palestinian music, 146 injured Palestine Liberation Organization guerrillas arrived here this morning aboard the Red Cross hospital ship Flora.

Palestinian and Greek sources said 90 of the wounded would go to destinations in Egypt, Yugoslavia, Romania and East Germany while the rest would be admitted to Athens hospitals.

Greece is the second and last stop of the Flora, which sailed from Beirut five days ago. A group of 40 wounded were dropped off for treatment in Cyprus.

Greece had offered to take as many as 300 PLO injured from Beirut. In a further sign of the Socialist government's staunchly pro-Palestinian policy, PLO leader Yasser Arafat is expected in Athens Wednesday for a brief stopover en route to Tunis.

The Flora was met at the port of Piraeus by the Greek health and welfare minister, the minister for public order and the merchant marine minister.

According to the head of the PLO diplomatic office here, Shawki Armali, jets were standing by at Athens airport waiting to transfer three groups of 20 wounded each to Belgrade, East Berlin and Bucharest. Armali said arrangements were being made for a fourth group of 30 wounded to go to Cairo Tuesday or Wednesday. Defying the already hot morning sun, those fit enough among the injured leaned over the ship's rail making the "V"-for-victory sign and miltantly waving crutches and bandaged arms.

Palestinian and Greek sources said it is not yet decided where those remaining in Greece will go after their recovery. According to Armali, this will be "somewhere in the Arab world." The Greek government has said it is willing to grant temporary, not permanent refuge to members of the PLO.