D.C. Mayor Marion Barry proposed a 7 percent pay raise yesterday for 7,000 city workers who are not covered by organized labor contracts.

The increase, which is expected to be approved by the City Council, is the same raise given to about 25,000 union workers. It would raise the top salary of city employes to $56,301, an increase of about $3,683. An entry-level employe hired at District Service grade 4 would receive an increase of about $775, to an annual salary of $11,855.

Union workers also received a prepaid dental and eye care insurance program in contracts signed this year. Barry said he is considering a recommendation to provide similar programs to nonunion employes next year if funds can be found in the fiscal 1984 budget.

"Because we have restored financial health to the District of Columbia government," Barry said in a letter to the council yesterday, "we are able to offer pay increases which compensate employes for the financial sacrifices which they made in earlier years and for the good work they are doing today."

The mayor is required by law to submit any pay increase proposal for city employes to the council by Sept. 1. Any increase the council approves will go into effect Oct. 3, the start of the first pay period of fiscal year 1983.

Barry's letter said the increase would bring District government salaries within eight-tenths of one percent of comparable federal government pay if the Congress approves a 4 percent pay raise proposed by President Reagan for federal workers.

Last year, employes received 5 percent increases in addition to a one-time 2 percent bonus. For fiscal year 1981, the employes received 5 percent.

The 7 percent increase is the same amount approved for government workers in Prince George's County, compared to 6.45 percent for Montgomery County employes and 5 percent increases in Fairfax and Arlington counties.

The total cost of the pay raises for union and nonunion employes will be about $62.8 million, according to city budget officials. The city had earlier budgeted $58.8 million for employe pay increases, those officials said, and plans to make up the difference from an increase in the federal payment for fiscal 1983.

The 7,028 employes covered by yesterday's proposed increase are scattered throughout the city government.