Two men and a woman were arrested and more than $40,000 worth of heroin and cocaine was seized last night in two separate arrests in Northwest Washington, D.C. police said.

William Markovich, of the D.C. Narcotics Task Force, said police had received tips that a man delivering drugs would arrive by train Friday. Shortly after 8 p.m., plainclothes police arrested a man carrying a canvas gym bag as he disembarked from a Metroliner train at Union Station. Inside the bag, police said, were 323 packets of heroin -- nicknamed "Hit 'em, Stick 'em" -- valued at $12,920, and 124 foil packets of cocaine valued at $3,100.

Rodney Dawin Jacobs, 25, of New York City, was charged with possessing heroin with the intent to distribute. Markovich said bystanders applauded the police as they escorted Jacobs from the platform.

Police then shifted their attention to a first-floor apartment at 43 Q St. NE. Armed with a search warrant, police found six ounces of heroin and 107 packets of the narcotic nicknamed "Gun Smoke." Police estimated the drugs had a street value of about $25,000. A handgun and $2,100 in cash was also found in the vacant apartment, police said.

Jackie Evonne Wyatt, 27, and Richard Anthony Dye, 22, of the Q Street address, were arrested and charged with possessing heroin with the intent of distributing it. Wyatt was also charged with possessing an unregistered handgun.