Patricia Roberts Harris rarely has been at a loss for high level political advice since she entered the race for mayor. If anything, her campaign at times has suffered from a glut of advice -- sometimes conflicting -- from senior advisers and a dearth of competent middle-level staff well-versed in D.C. politics.

Harris says, with some pride, that she takes political advice from many quarters, instead of relying on a small, inner circle of confidants.

Still, there is a hard core of advisers that Harris has often turned to in forging a campaign strategy and who would likely be influential if she became mayor. They include:

* Sharon Pratt Dixon, consumer affairs director for the Potomac Electric and Power Company (Pepco) and the District's Democratic National Committeewoman, who serves as campaign director. She is the former wife of D.C. City Council Chairman Arrington Dixon.

* Henry A. Hubschman, a former top aide to Harris when she was secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and a member of Harris' old law firm, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Kampelman. Hubschman has taken a big hand in helping to develop campaign issues and raising campaign funds.

* Charles T. Duncan, a lawyer from a socially prominent Washington family who served as D.C. corporation counsel under former mayor Walter E. Washington. Duncan serves as treasurer and a key adviser to the Harris campaign.

* Randy Kinder, a vice president of Equitable Life Assurance Society in New York and an executive assistant to Harris when she headed HUD and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Kinder is using vacation time from his job to serve as a high-level troubleshooter for Harris.

* Peter D. Hart, a prominent, Washington-based pollster and political consultant, and John Marttila, a political consultant who operates a firm in Boston. Both are under contract to the Harris campaign.

* Flaxie M. Pinkett, a life-long resident of Washington and head of John R. Pinkett Realty, who is a co-chairman of Harris' campaign finance committee. Pinkett has been a close friend of Harris since Harris was a student at Howard University during the early 1940s.

* R. Calvin Lockridge, a member of the D.C. school board from Ward 8 and former board president. Lockridge is in charge of Harris' campaign field operations.

* James L. Hudson, a Washington lawyer with the firm of Hudson, Leftwich and Davenport, and former political confidante and campaign aide to Washington, who has advised Harris on campaign operations.