A woman whose husband sold their nine-room home out from under her while she was at an amusement park with their four children has won back exclusive use of the dwelling.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Buckley ruled that the house in suburban Glenview must be restored for the sole use of Norma Pahlke, a 40-year-old nurse, and her family.

Ute Domnick, a librarian in her 40s, said she bought the house for $90,000 in June from Pahlke's husband, Frazer, 42.

According to court documents, the family went to an amusement park one day in June. While there, Mrs. Pahlke said, her husband made a telephone call and said he would be gone for several hours.

When he returned, the family drove to a townhouse in Wheeling where she said her husband announced: "This is where we're going to live."

"I walked into the kitchen and saw my kitchen table, and I knew something was wrong," Mrs. Pahlke said. "I was speechless."

Mrs. Pahlke had filed a divorce petition in 1980, but the couple continued living together with their children, her attorney Burton Grant said. They were trying to patch up their differences, he added.

Buckley ruled last month that the sale of the house was "a sham" and ordered the dwelling returned to Mrs. Pahlke and the children.

The Pahlke family moved back into the house, but Domnick refused to move out, according to court testimony. So the Pahlke family and Domnick shared the house until Tuesday, when Buckley barred Pahlke and Domnick from the home.

Attorney Grant said Pahlke sold the house to "divest himself of as much property as he can so when a divorce trial comes he will not be in a position to divide any property with his wife."