Busing: "Every generation has its Mickey Mouse and compulsory busing is ours. No matter how many excuses one puts forward to legitimize busing to achieve an arbitrary racial mix in the public schools, busing remains simply the latest in a series of smelly little orthodoxies that those in authority pompously insist on imposing . . . . ." Aug. 31, 1970.

The Democratic Party: "The essential political truths facing the Democrats are that their party has grown effete . . . . At the heart of the Democratic problem is -- in a word -- liberalism. Until the Democrats purge the liberalism that infects and enfeebles their party, they will have little hope of reversing their decline." June 25, 1982.

Women: "The differences between men and women . . . raise the deepest questions about human society, and suggest the profound problems that occur when those differences are defied. . . . The centrality of woman's role in society cannot be overstated. She performs that role, crucially, in domesticating the barbarian male; in transforming man's sexuality into the energy incorporated in family life; in reshaping man from a short-term pursuer of instant gratification into the long-term provider that every commendable civilization has to have." July 1, 1982.

The nuclear freeze movement: "Once more the barricades are peopled by the organzied idealists . . . . Let us acknowledge as well the possibility that they are being manipulated and used -- that at least to some extent today's freeze movement recalls the Kremlin's hugely successful Communist-front movements of old." June 16, 1982.