The White House has sent around an official change of address notice for Wendy Borcherdt, a former assistant to public liaison Elizabeth H. Dole who parted ways with the White House because of what officials there called a personality clash.

The clash reportedly involved Borcherdt's efforts to replace the executive director of the National Advisory Council on Women's Educational Programs with a state official of the Eagle Forum, anti-ERA activist Phyllis Schlafly's national organization.

Borcherdt has since been designated deputy undersecretary of education for intergovernmental and interagency affairs, an appointment that will put her in charge of the Womens' Education Equity Act program, as well as the office of women's concerns. The appointment immediately drew fire from the American Association of University Women. "To place Borcherdt in charge of an office of women's concerns is an insult to women in light of the episode which led to her removal from her White House position," said AAUW president Mary Purcell.

Similar concerns have prompted the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education to form a "shadow council" to monitor the work of the national advisory council. One of its members will be Joy Simonson, the executive director who had been displaced.