SEND ONE EXTRA-LARGE pair of hip boots, please, to David A. Splitt -- who steps in today as the new -- and, he would hasten to add, temporary, -- executive director of the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics. Mr. Splitt is an attorney and respected member of Mayor Barry's Cabinet whose r,esum,e lists among his abilities "trouble-shooting" -- and there is plenty to shoot where he's going.

That was the case, too, four years ago in the city's Office of Documents, which at the time resembled the out-basket of a giant shredder -- an incredible mess of hopelessly mismanaged records of city regulations and legal notices. Today, thanks to Mr. Splitt's efforts, that same office is considered to be one of the best organized agencies in city hall.

In his new job, Mr. Splitt's priority is a smooth election on Nov. 2, which will take some double- time doing. But already, Mr. Splitt has made one comment that should warm the cold shoulders of those voters who were rejected for no good reason on Sept. 14: "The presumption ought to be in favor of the voter" when troubles arise at the polls.

How disarmingly direct -- and to the point, in a city where the residents waited generations for a presumption even of eligibility to vote for their own local public servants. We wish Mr. Splitt well in a most important mission -- and, while we're at it, send him a helmet, too.