With enemies like this, Sen. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. (R-Conn.) doesn't need friends. At a recent debate at the University of Connecticut, Lucien P. DiFazio, the Conservative Party candidate for the Senate, accused Weicker of "playing footsie with Fidel Castro" and said he should change his campaign slogan from "Nobody's Man But Yours" to "Nobody's Man But His and Fidel Castro's."

This let Weicker do something at which he has few peers -- erupt with righteous fury. With jacket off and sleeves rolled to his elbows, he charged DiFazio with "red-baiting" and predicted that "my state of Connecticut is going to throw that trash out . . . . We had a McCarthy in the Senate; we don't need a DiFazio."

The mostly student audience cheered, and Rep. Toby Moffett, the Democratic candidate, was in the awkward position of having to defend Weicker against DiFazio's "cheap attack."

It was a good week for Weicker. His filibusters against conservatives' anti-abortion legislation prompted the National Abortion Rights Action League to make one of its biggest donations, $7,000, to him despite Moffett's voting record.

The National Organization for Women also decided not to endorse Moffett because of the filibusters. And, in a letter to its 250,000 members, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce urged "immediate business support" of Weicker.