Coloradans were warned to stop using Visine A.C. eyedrops yesterday after a 39-year-old man used acid-spiked drops that felt "like a hot poker" and caused some eye damage.

Dr. Barry Rumack, director of the Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center here, said the man, Larry Tingley, was being treated for corneal burns after using a contaminated bottle of Visine A.C. purchased at a Target store in Grand Junction.

A second bottle of acid-laced Visine A.C. was found at the same store, Rumack said.

All liquid eye products, including eyedrops and contact lens solutions, were withdrawn from shelves in the county.

Rumack said hydrochloric acid had been added, giving the solution a strong acid content.

He said the code number on both bottles was 122.

Doctors said Tingley suffered only minor eye damage because a nurse immediately began irrigating his eye.

"This was very, very strong . . . so strong the full contents of Visine may have been emptied and and the bottle filled with concentrated hydrochloric acid," Mesa County health director Kenneth Lampert said.

In both cases, the protective seals had been tampered with, and the liquid inside the vials was pale yellow, not the normal clear color, Rumack said.