Bolivia's new democratic government tonight expelled a group of suspected paramilitary terrorists, including at least one Italian national linked to the bombing of the Bologna train station in August 1980, sources here said.

The group was placed on an Alitalia flight that took off from La Paz for Puerto Rico tonight, the sources said. The Bolivian government of Hernan Siles Zuazo, which took office yesterday, was reported to be cooperating with both U.S. and Italian authorities.

Sources here said the suspects had been arrested by Bolivian authorities and placed on the flight in the southeastern city of Santa Cruz. The plane then flew to La Paz, where U.S. officials supervised its departure for Puerto Rico, the sources said.

[The plane later landed in San Juan before flying on to Rome, United Press International reported.]

[Among the suspects was Pier Luigi Tagliari who authorities said was wanted in the Bologna bombing that killed more than 80 people. Tagliari was wounded in a shootout with police in Santa Cruz, UPI said. ]

Bolivian government officials refused to explain why the Alitalia plane had landed in La Paz. An airport official said that the plane had been diverted from Recife, Brazil.

The Bolivian government suspects the foreign nationals of participating in terrorist activities during the two-year military rule that ended yesterday, sources said. The military government frequently had been accused of involvement in Bolivia's cocaine traffic to the United States.