The Israeli Cabinet today approved a series of demands it will present to the United States as its conditions for the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon.

The conditions, which were to be transmitted overnight to Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir prior to his meeting Thursday with Secretary of State George P. Shultz, were not publicly announced. But their contents were widely reported in the Israeli press.

According to these accounts, there were no surprises. The major condition was that Israel will demand a written agreement from the government of Lebanon guaranteeing that along Lebanon's southern frontier there will be established a 25- to 40-mile "security zone" free of Palestine Liberation Organization activities and forces.

Meanwhile, Israel announced it no longer opposed the construction of permanent housing for Palestinian refugees whose homes were destroyed in last summer's invasion of Lebanon.

In a separate development, strikes protesting the shutdown of the national airline, El Al, closed Israel's ports, Ben Gurion Airport and municipal services in several cities. The 24-hour strike was aimed at forcing the government to reopen the airline which has been closed as the result of a labor and religious dispute since Sept. 18.