Fairfax County voters yesterday approved three bond issues totaling $108 million for road and park improvements and Metro construction.

A $25 million bond issue for road construction and repairs in heavily congested areas won the easiest passage, 99,329 to 61,640, according to complete returns. The $25 million Metro construction bond issue also was approved by a wide margin, 95,664 to 63,477.

A $58 million park improvement bond, which was supported with the strongest lobbying effort of the three issues, was approved by the slimmest margin, 81,941 to 78,314.

Fairfax voters last year year approved bond issues for school construction, road improvements and expansion of jail and corrections facilities. The three new bond proposals were endorsed primarily by county citizen and business groups. The county Board of Supervisors, which placed the measures on the ballot, did not actively campaign for their passage.

The Green Team, a citizens coalition for parks, pushed for the biggest share of the bond package and then campaigned for its approval.

The bond will provide $50 million for county park improvements during the next seven years and $8 million to finance the county's share of improvement funds for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority for the next five years.

The road bond supplements a $30 million bond approved last year to begin work on 21 major programs. The largest project will be a $10 million improvement for routing traffic through the Springfield central business district.

The third bond covers part of the county's share of Metrorail construction costs. Six stations and 11.5 miles of track are scheduled for the county.