No charges will be filed in the July, 1981, vigilante-style slaying of Kenneth Rex McElroy, the town bully who terrorized Skidmore, Mo., Nodaway County prosecutor David Baird said. He said no significant new evidence has been given to him by the Justice Department to warrant issuing charges.

A coroner's inquest, a county grand jury and two federal grand juries have refused to issue indictments. On Sept. 3, U.S. Attorney Robert Ulrich closed an eight-month investigation by a federal grand jury into the death and handed the information to local authorities.

Ulrich said his investigation did not establish that McElroy's federal civil rights had been violated.

The federal investigation was to explore the possibility of a conspiracy by people, "including those cloaked with authority, to deprive a citizen of his life without due process of law," FBI agent Robert Davenport said.

On the day of his death, McElroy and his wife had emerged from a bar and were getting into their truck, Mrs. McElroy testified before the last federal grand jury. She said they were surrounded by a crowd, and that a man across the street reached into his pickup, grabbed a rifle and "started shooting my husband."

McElroy was hit twice in the head.

Two weeks before that, McElroy had been convicted of assault with intent to kill in the shooting of a 72-year-old Skidmore grocer. McElroy was free on bond pending appeal. Authorities said McElroy had been charged with assault involving a weapon at least three times before his conviction for the shooting.