Lebanese authorities have charged 12 people in connection with the Palestinian refugee camp massacres that left hundreds dead it was reported today.

The Central News Agency said the suspects were Moslems and Christians from an area of southern Lebanon controlled by cashiered Maj. Saad Haddad, whose private militia is aided and supported by Israel.

Some of the survivors of the Sept. 16-18 slaughter at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps blamed Haddad's militiamen for the massacre, but he told the Israeli inquiry board his men were not involved.

Other testimony before the Israeli inquiry has indicated the killing was carried out by Christian Phalangist militiamen.

More than 300 bodies were found at the two refugee camps, but officials said the exact death toll may never be known because hundreds of others are still missing.

The 12 were the first charged in connection with the killings. The respected An Nahar newspaper reported yesterday that nine men were being questioned about their possible involvement.

An Nahar reported that those suspects carried Israeli identity cards and membership cards from "an armed group in south Lebanon" -- an apparent reference to Haddad's militia.

Lebanon has been conducting its own inquiry, but witnesses' testimony has been kept secret.

There was no official confirmation of the news agency arrest report.