Donald J. Devine, director of the Office of Personnel Management, has named the following persons to serve as his five regional representatives, each with responsibility for two OPM regions. The jobs are paid at the GS14 level, a minimum of $41,000 a year.

* Joseph R. Root, for New York and Boston. OPM describes Root as "an economist who has served in the office of the commissioner of the Interstate Commerce Commission."

Root was a self-employed printing broker who worked in ICC Commissioner Frederic N. Andre's office from April to August this year, and listed his job as "staff adviser (economics)." His education, however, was in the field of transportation.

Root was on the staff of the Indiana Republican State Central Committee, later ran a public relations business for political candidates and state officeholders, and worked in the administration of Republican Gov. Edgar D. Whitcomb of Indiana for four years in the early 1970s.

* Alan M. Wandling, for Philadelphia and Atlanta. Wandling, a graphics designer and public relations specialist, worked at the Government Printing Office for six weeks in 1981, during which time he received a $2,000 raise, according to his OPM personnel form. He then returned to his own graphics design firm, which handles direct-mail and campaign materials and includes several Republican public relations firms among its clients.

* Brian E. Carey, for Chicago and St. Louis. Carey listed his last job as a self-employed business consultant. His business was started last May, after his position as management compensation manager for Montgomery Ward in Chicago was eliminated.

* Gary Giesick, for Denver and Dallas. Giesick, who owns a tire company in Billings, Mont., was a Republican state representative in Montana for six years.

* Bertha S. Nelson, for San Francisco and Seattle. Trained as a nurse, Nelson lists her current job as public relations director for a California winery. She ran a public relations firm from 1977 to 1980, worked for Republican candidates, and was office manager for Sen. S.I. Hayakawa's (R-Calif.) 1976 campaign.