Here is a list of the reports completed by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights over the past year and studies that are now in progress. Completed were:

* An examination of 19 federal programs dealing with domestic violence and abused women.

* An evaluation of domestic abuse victims' treatment by courts and social service agencies.

* A study of the past and present condition of black farmers and the role of the Farmers' Home Administration.

* A report on the role local and international unions have played in the advancement of minorities and women in hiring.

* An analysis of fiscal 1983 budget cuts in the civil rights enforcement areas of the Education, Health and Human Services, Labor and Justice departments and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

* A look at what role the private sector and all levels of government have played in healing racial divisions in Miami.

* Six case studies of how cities have used federally assisted programs for elderly minority group members.

* An examination of the disparity between the employment of white men and the employment of minorities and women.

* A report on school desegregation, and another on the Education Department, both due out tomorrow.

Reports that tentatively are scheduled for release next year are:

* A study of poverty in single-parent households.

* A two-part study of minority entrepreneurship. One report will focus on Baltimore and federal programs to encourage minority ownership of business. The other will look at San Jose, and the access of minority groups and women to jobs in the high-tech industries of the Silicon Valley.

* An examination of the hiring of eastern and southern Europeans in American business and industry.

* An analysis of the term "reasonable accommodation" as it affects disabled persons' accessibility in this country.

* A study of the activities of hate groups.