An Arab high school student was shot and killed by Israeli border police today after a reported stone-throwing incident near the school in Nablus on the occupied West Bank.

The military command in Tel Aviv said border police units were called to the school after a stone was thrown at an Israeli civilian vehicle, smashing the windshield. When shots in the air failed to disperse a group of students who had gathered outside the school, a border police sergeant fired at the feet of one of the demonstrators but struck him in the head or chest, according to a military spokesman.

The military command said it could not identify the youth. Palestinian sources said he was Samir Ghazal Taflaq, 19, and said that another 19-year-old student was wounded in the incident.

A number of disturbances and demonstrations were reported in Nablus following the shooting, and military authorities said a curfew had been imposed on the city's central market. Palestinian sources said the curfew applied to large sections of the city, and that the nearby Balata refugee camp remained under curfew for the third consecutive day.

The military spokesman said there were no reports of injuries from the stone that hit the vehicle.