A congressional aide who was jailed for two days last week for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating alleged drug use on Capitol Hill has resigned from his job.

Leo C. Inglesby Jr., 30, a legislative assistant to Rep. Charles Pashayan Jr. (R-Calif.) for the last 14 months, submitted his resignation Sunday after the congressman requested it, according to Pashayan.

"My feeling was that it was just better" that Inglesby quit his $17,520-a-year job, Pashayan said, adding that he would have fired the aide if he had not agreed to resign.

After spending two nights in D.C. Jail, Inglesby told U.S. District Judge John Lewis Smith Jr. on Friday that he had changed his mind and would testify at the grand jury's next session on Jan. 5. Smith, who had earlier jailed Inglesby for civil contempt of court for his refusal to testify, freed him.

"It would just have been better for him and the institution the House if he'd cooperated initially," said Pashayan, who is not personally involved in the grand jury's probe.

Inglesby, who had been granted immunity from prosecution before the original order to testify, says he will share whatever information he has about drug use with investigators for Joseph A. Califano Jr., the House ethics committee's special counsel investigating illicit drug use on Capitol Hill.