WE DON'T want to jinx anything, of course, but some comment seems in order: when since the first inter-club rivalry between cavepersons and Neanderthings have local sports fans had so much to cheer about -- or so much to cheer on? Good news is a relative commodity, to be sure; transplanted New Yorkers, for example, may not have had quite the same appreciation for the heavily socked foot of Mark Moseley as we did. And if this happening had been carried on HBO instead of Channel 9, viewers might have thought it a bad movie with an unrealistic ending:

1:00 P.M. Miraculous Mark (1982). Adventure/drama. A football player who narrowly escapes being cut by the team saves the day with a record-breaking kick in final seconds to win the game by one point and send home team to the playoffs.

Similarly, the fans of Philadelphia, where brotherly love has never extended to sports, find no particular joy in having three teams that turned into doormats for Washington of late: the Eagles, who have fallen twice to the Redskins; the 76ers, whose high standing got no respect from the Bullets Saturday night; and the Flyers, who were knocked cold on their home ice by a red hot, rescued-from- the-depths Caps team.

All of this, mind you, after a full plate of college basketball thrills for the local area, from the class- act game between Virginia and Georgetown to those two one-point-upset thrillers of the week: American over Georgetown, then George Washington over American.

May the holiday cheer remain vocal -- and deserved.