Former vice president Walter F. Mondale will flex his fiscal muscles for the 1984 campaign by announcing today that he raised enough money in his first two days as a candidate to qualify for federal matching funds.

Michael S. Berman, an official of the committee managing Mondale's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, said that more than $200,000 in checks had been received from 22 states by yesterday afternoon, two days after the committee was formed officially.

Berman said the contribution records would be filed today with the Federal Election Commission. The campaign law gives matching funds to presidential candidates who raise at least $5,000 in each of at least 20 states, in amounts of $250 or less, beginning on Jan. 1 of the pre-presidential year. The matching payments begin next Jan. 1.

Berman said Mondale was informed of the quick financial success at a staff party yesterday evening, marking his 55th birthday.

The fund-raising blitz, obviously designed to send a message to Mondale's half-dozen rivals for the nomination, was arranged by the "exploratory committee" that Mondale used to finance his 1982 campaign travels and contributions to other Democrats.

"We just asked them to collect the checks and get them to Washington as quickly as possible," Berman said, adding that "it shows there are a good many people out there ready to help Walter Mondale."