The Rev. Everett Sileven, head of the Faith Christian School, was released from jail yesterday for the fourth time and prayed that officials who jailed him for four months for operating an illegal church school be converted, killed or restrained from interfering with his ministry.

Sileven, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Louisville, who had been sentenced for refusing to use state-certified teachers, said on the jailhouse steps:

"Well, it's good to be out . . . . I do ask in the authoritative name of Jesus, the supreme law of the universe, that God Almighty bind the officials of the state of Nebraska and Cass County from further interference with the ministry of God at Faith Baptist Church and the saints of God of Nebraska by either converting them or restraining them or removing them or killing them."

He declined further comment. The Associated Press called his home for elaboration on his condemnation of officials, but the wife of his associate pastor said Sileven had no more to say. Sileven was sentenced to jail nearly a year ago.

He was freed three times last year when he temporarily closed the school, only to reopen it again and be returned to jail.

The school's legal battle has spanned five years.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case.