talian authorities arrested a Turkish citizen on charges he plotted a new attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II during a scheduled papal visit to Milan in May, police said today.

Police identified the suspect as Mustafa Savak. They would give no details on the arrest or the alleged assassination plot.

State-run radio said, however, that Savak was arrested at Rho, near Milan, after an informant told police the Turk had contacted "several people" to organize an attempt on the pope's life.

There was no indication who provided the information to police that lead to Savak's arrest or how it was given to police.

The Vatican had announced last month that the pope would travel to Milan in May, as part of his continuing travels to all parts of Italy.

The new alleged plot would mark the third time John Paul has been targeted for assassination.

On May 12, 1982, a renegade priest wielding a bayonet lunged at the pope on the steps of the Portuguese shrine of Fatima where John Paul had gone to pray for thanks for his recovery from three bullet wounds suffered nearly a year earlier in an assassination attempt in St. Peter's Square.