A bomb wrecked the vacant offices of the Syrian Arab News Agency, SANA, today in the latest of series of bombings and attacks during the past week.

Security sources said no one was hurt by the 14-pound explosive charge, which gutted the SANA office on the fifth floor of an apartment building in mainly Moslem West Beirut.

Last Friday, a car bomb badly damaged a three-story building on the Beirut-to-Damascus highway in the central Lebanese town of Shtawrah, killing at least 40 people. Most of the victims were guerrillas as the building housed several offices of the mainstream Palestine Liberation Organization organization, Fatah.

That same day, an explosion shook an apartment block near the headquarters of Lebanon's main Moslem organizations and another went off on Hamra street in West Beirut.

Who is behind this violence remains a mystery although a shadowy group calling itself the "Front for Liberating Lebanon From Foreigners" claimed responsibility for the Shtawrah car bomb.

Over the weekend, a French soldier in the three-nation peace-keeping force and a Lebanese civilian were wounded when a motorcyclist hurled a grenade at a troop truck. Yesterday, two French soldiers were wounded when a gunman in a car shot at troops jogging along the Beirut seafront.

Information Minister Roger Shikhani condemned the attack against the Syrian news agency office, which has not been used since Syrian and PLO troops pulled out of the Lebanese capital in September.

He said such acts were aimed at undermining Lebanon's role as a protector of press freedom. An group claiming to represent the "martyrs of Saad Sayel," better known as Abul Walid, a PLO military commander killed in central Lebanon several months ago, phoned the office of a news agency in Bahrain to claim responsibility