A 63-year-old convicted gambler survived three gunshots to the head and identified his alleged assailants in what police called a major break in underworld activities.

The two suspects, one a Cook County deputy sheriff, were charged Friday with attempted murder in the shooting of Ken (Tokyo Joe) Eto, who was convicted last month on federal charges stemming from a $3 million numbers game.

Eto was shot Thursday and released from Northwest Community Hospital Friday. Hospital officials said none of three bullets from a .22 caliber gun penetrated Eto's head.

Police speculated the "hit" might have failed because the gunman put the gun's muzzle against Eto's head and the bullets were unable to gain enough velocity to pierce the bone. Another theory was that a defective silencer might have slowed the bullets.

Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek characterized the arrests as "one of the biggest breaks ever in organized crime activities" in Chicago. Of the city's more than 1,000 gangland-style murders, only a dozen have been solved.

Jasper Campise, 67, of suburban River Forest, and John Gattuso, 47, of suburban Glenview, were held in lieu of $500,000 bond pending an appearance in Cook County Circuit Court, said Sgt. Lee Epplen.

Gattuso, a deputy sheriff since 1980, was suspended Friday after his arrest, a sheriff's spokesman said.

Eto was shot as he sat in the front passenger seat of his car in a parking lot. The gunman was in the back seat, a second man in the driver's seat, police said. Eto was ordered to meet the men, whom he knew, by a third man, the police said.