The Washington area's efforts to clear snow from city and suburban streets after the recent storm already have cost more than $2 million and have exhausted the snow-removal budgets in some jurisdictions, according to a survey of regional officials.

District of Columbia transportation chief Thomas Downs said yesterday that the city has spent more than $1 million so far for salaries, equipment and other snow-removal expenses. The costs have virtually depleted the District's $1.3 million snow-cleanup budget.

"Our budget was wiped out the first day," said Vaughn E. Barkdoll, the Prince George's County public works and transportation director. He estimated that snow clearing has cost the county $30,000 for each inch of snowfall, or nearly $600,000 for the latest storm. In addition, state highway officials say another $250,000 was spent to plow snow from major interstate highways in Prince George's.

In Montgomery County, preliminary reports indicated that the $420,000 snow-removal budget has been exceeded, according to a county spokesman. Maryland officials said no estimate for state spending in Montgomery was yet available.

In Northern Virginia, Alexandria officials estimated snow removal costs at $200,000 and Arlington County administrators put expenses at more than $100,000. Estimates were not available from state highway officials for cleanup work in Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William counties or for state-maintained highways in Arlington.