o this city of Washington, which we wholeheartedly endorse as the perfect site for the 1984 Democratic National Convention--not just a good one, the perfect one. This afternoon, the party's site selection committee will be treated to the city's formal presentation, which, if keen political sense prevails, should end all indecision in favor of what three loyal and prominent Democrats--Mayor Barry and Govs. Hughes and Robb--are strongly urging be the party's rallying ground in '84--and beyond.

These three hosts stand ready to sing the considerable praises of "America's hometown," which they are quick to point out is also "America's most Democratic city." What better place for the party's celebration, for all political junkies, for media attention, for free goings-on for the families and Eastern Time Zone location for prime-time TV coverage? The brand-new convention center is downtown, too, not long, traffic-jammed bus rides away in places with Republican governors and things like that. And the center has all the flexible space a party could possibly want and then some. The opportunities for hamming it up on TV--accusatory fingers waggling in the direction of the White House, etc.-- seem endless.

So why tip the geographical scales in favor of a any other candidate, when--if you were to ask everyone of these hopefuls--Washington is the object of their affection? Logic says it should be Washington on the first ballot. We hope the Democrats say so, too.