A letter from Sen. David Pryor (D- Ark.) to Sen. John Tower (R-Tex.):

I appreciate your recent letter inviting suggestions for defense budget reductions for military installations or contractor operations in the respective states of each senator.

Fully recognizing that I will be ending the 22-year period in which no senator has suggested reductions in his or her own state, a period that you cited in your letter, I want to recommend that the following defense program, based in Pine Bluff, Ark., be cut from the FY 84 defense budget: CHEMICAL WEAPONS $ 96 million--procurement of equipment (part of which is binary) 62 million--procurement of binary weapons $158 million--total savings for FY 84

I might point out that we could realize total savings of $6 billion to $8 billion by terminating the entire binary chemical weapons program.

My opposition to nerve gas production has never been parochial or entirely budgetary. Therefore, I do not want the activity transferred to another location in the country or the funds reprogrammed. I urge elimination of this program, and I welcome the support of those, like myself, who want defense spending reduced. I also welcome the support of those, like myself, who oppose nerve gas production on military, diplomatic and humanitarian grounds.

Again, my thanks for your invitation to make recommendations to the Armed Services Committee. I ask your support in seeing that this item is deleted from this year's defense budget, and I look forward to working with you on this matter.