The "Losing It" series yesterday mistakenly included in a quote from Roland White remarks made by another unemployed person. Only the comments about living off his wife's salary rather than two salaries should have been attributed to White.

"This period is characterized by fear. There is an absolute fear that 'I'm losing the job or going to lose the job.' The economy is a continual theme that comes up in therapy. No socio-economic class is immune."

Dr. Louis Kopolow, a Potomac psychiatrist

"When my members come in, I keep a logbook where I write down what we talk about. Some don't have food. Some don't have gas to get to out-of-town jobs. This person, he's on the booze. I'm a compassionate person and it puts a stress on me. Even those members who are working are under great stress too. They worry if they're going to get laid off. It's causing problems in marriages. The wife is working and she feels bad. He feels guilty because she is [working]."

Mike Murnan, business agent for an asbestos workers local

"Investigative work goes up during the recession. When money gets tight, people start arguing, families start splitting up. Someone takes off with the kids, and the other half of the house hires us to go and get them back."

Joel Kaplan, an Alexandria private investigator

"Child-beating, even grandparent beating" is being seen more frequently in Prince George's County. "Families are just overloaded."--Frances Nadash, director of the county's five mental health clinics

"By noon the day is shot. You go home and put on soap operas or you can turn into an alcoholic or a 'weedhead.' There's too much leisure time and nothing to look forward to but a beer or a reefer. Everything we've bought in the last 18 to 20 years, ever since I was married, we always bought it on two salaries. . . . I'm not used to just living off my wife's salary. The wife said it makes me kind of grouchy sometimes; she looks at me and sees I'm unhappy and that makes her uneasy."

Roland White, an unemployed rodman