The campaign of intimidation and harassment to drive Palestinian families from their homes continues in the Sidon area of southern Lebanon, and bodies of victims are still being found.

Earlier this week, the body of a 56-year-old Palestinian man was found near Sidon. On the same day, two badly decomposed, unidentified bodies of a man and woman were washed ashore near Sidon's port.

United Nations Relief and Works Agency officials in the area say that since the terror campaign began in late January, leaflets demanding that Palestinian families leave and the threatening visits of armed men have been extended to wider areas around Israeli-occupied Sidon.

United Press International quoted Israeli radio as saying Israeli forces in southern Lebanon have increased security near Palestinian refugee camps after warnings of the danger of massacres. The report said Israeli Arabs from Galilee appealed to the Army to increase protection of refugees in camps in Sidon.

Derek Nichols, the relief agency's field director for the Sidon area, said armed men went to homes of Palestinian families in areas south of the city late last night, demanding that they leave. Lebanese police say 12 Palestinians were slain during the past month, but estimates by the relief agency are higher.

Both the United Nations and the Internatonal Committee of the Red Cross have made strong appeals to Israel to provide protection for Palestinians in the area, saying it is the responsibility of Israel to do so. Israel has argued that it is the responsibility of Lebanese officials.