Daredevil newlyweds Steve and Carly McPeak remained firmly on the ground and going nowhere after gusty winds forced an early end to their honeymoon on wires over Hoover Dam Gorge.

McPeak, 38, and his wife, the former Carly Bliss, 22, were arrested and booked into North Las Vegas Jail for investigation of trespassing and disorderly conduct. Police said they did not post bail and stayed in jail through the weekend.

The two slipped onto the 3 1/2-inch-thick cables in stormy darkness Thursday night, then announced Friday that they would be married on their precarious perch.

The Rev. Jim Hamilton conducted the five-minute ceremony from the ground and the two spent their wedding night in a cocoon-like hammock high on the six 1,200-foot-long cables above the Colorado River near the base of the dam.

It was McPeak's fourth trip onto the cables since 1976. After the last one, a four-day stay in early December, McPeak was arrested for investigation of trespassing and disorderly conduct. He was admonished by a federal magistrate in Las Vegas to stay away from the dam.

He has never been tried on the December charges and is likely to face the same magistrate this week.